Mark Bernardini | Mistakes you can avoid while hiring Event Staff

Mark Bernardini is the founder and owner of PUSH marketing & promotions NY/NJ, the fastest growing live marketing and event staffing agencies. Mark Bernardini has established himself as a major player in the live marketing and social media marketing business. He has a Strong creative sense and ability to deliver innovative and strategic programs that are relevant and highly effective.

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Mark Bernardini has established a long standing partnerships with many of the top players at the leading advertising, promotional and event marketing agencies and Fortune 500 marketers nationwide.

Mark has an extensive background in the special events and nightlife industry, providing premium talent and marketing resources to his valued clients for some of the biggest VIP events and marketing campaigns across the country. PUSH is the industry leader for brand ambassadors, event talent and promotional modeling staff.  We have 90,000 talented brand ambassadors, the largest team in North America on standby ready to represent your brand. Mark Bernardini has more than 20+ years of experience.

Mark is into this industry for over many years and knows how to take it to next level. He has worked for many reputable companies and promote their business with his marketing and promotional strategies. With his smart and talented staff he is providing services to many well-known companies of the nation.

In this blog Mark Bernardini has enlisted 10 mistakes you should not make when hiring event staff.

According to Mark Bernardini, success of any event mostly depends on its event staff, how they are working and how well they engage with the audience. Event staff represents your company as they are the face of your brand who helps you to build relationships with your clients. Sometimes to just move on with the event, we overlook staffing that can be really harmful for the event. It can even flop your show. Thereby, to avoid such mistakes you should follow these tips while hiring event staff.

Delaying the Decision Process

One of the worst mistakes an event planner can make when hiring event staff is taking too long to make a decision. While event staff understands that a lot goes into planning and executing an event as they also have their own personal schedules. Delaying the decision process for more than 1-2 weeks can make unavailability of top event staff. Thereby to ensure that you will offer a best quality event staff, you must avoid delaying the process and keep it as short as possible. Besides keeping the decision process short, you must keep in mind that event staff represents your company. They are the face of your promotion. Therefore you need to be very careful while hiring your event staff as it is very necessary to hire, keeping your brand image in mind.

Overlooking event’s needs and not consulting the team:

You cannot overlook the needs of the event says, Mark Bernardini. Before hiring a staff take care of some particular factors like size, length and the audience. Keeping such factors in mind will help you to get ideal number of staff you require. It is also very important to consider the other members of the team. You cannot take decisions on your own, as nothing can be worse than having a team who is not together, so be sure to take decisions after consulting your team while selecting the staff.  

According to Mark Bernardini, if you are working in a team, everyone’s consultation is recommended as it makes the decision more accurate and makes your business strong.

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Hiring staff without interviewing them:

Whatever be the purpose of hiring a staff, you must interview them, said Mark Bernardini. He adds, be it modelling or ambassador, one must be hired in a proper manner. Without interviewing, asking general questions related to your industry you cannot come to a decision.

For event staffing, ask important event staffing questions first. Not interviewing event staff is the biggest mistake that most of the companies make.

Not asking for Photographs:

While interviewing the event staff you should always ask for their updated resume and photographs. Though in some countries, asking for photos is allowed in modelling agencies only but as per Mark Bernardini it is an important step to be followed for any event staffing agency. Without having a photograph or resume you cannot take any decision on hiring process as these items will help you to determine whether their credentials and experience are ideal for your brand or company. Thereby, non- collection of photos and resume can be termed as harmful for any agency.

Working with unprofessional event staffing company:

It is always better to hire professional and reliable event staffing company. Quality of the event staff directly correlates with the amount you pay. Sometimes, to save money we hire unprofessional event staff, causing downfall of the agency. Instead of spending less or saving money always go for experienced and reliable staff who not only provides best service but also glorify the future of your company.

Not sharing necessary information with event staff:

Your company is your identity. While hiring event staff you must share necessary details and information of your company. Doing so will keep your staff well informed and prepared to face any situation and answer the questions related to the company.

Retaining Job Information

It is important to be updated with all the candidates about the duties of your event. Although it may seem far better to leave out the downsides or flaws of the staffing role, it may consequence in more stress. By being sincere with your applicants about their roles throughout the event, they are most likely to work the overall event

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Hiring based on looks

Eventually, one of the greatest blunders event planners make while choosing event staff is hiring based on appearance. While looks are an important aspect for gaining attention, but it is more essential to hire event staff based on experience level, professionalism, and personality. Event staff that is hired for reasons other than looks are more likely to deliver the outcomes your team is looking for.

Mark Bernardini says that for an event planner, hiring an event staff is the most important work that needs full attention and dedication. It is an essential factor to get lead so it should be treated as such. Mark Bernardini is the founder of PUSH agency, a New Jersey based live marketing and promotional event staffing company. Push agency provides turn-key event staffing services, social integration and support for special events, promotions, trade shows, street teams, in-store product demos and other branding and marketing campaigns.


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